Client Testimonials

What makes a Laserfiche document imaging system from General Code the best choice for your project?

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We use General Code not only for our code of ordinances but also for document imaging. As an experienced municipal provider, General Code understands our needs, and helped us to set up a small electronic records management system that has expanded and grown to meet all our departments’ needs. Finding information is a snap and Laserfiche helps us be much more efficient in answering our officials’ and the public’s request for information.

Susan Armstong, Borough Secretary
Borough of Carlisle, PA

…We love it…It revolutionized our entire office…Laserfiche has made us more efficient… we no longer have to retype documents…The support and service from General Code was great!

Margaret Crowley, Village Clerk
Medina, NY

I love Laserfiche. I am amazed by how easy it is… The training and technical support from General Code was great!

Elizabeth Petalino, Town Secretary
Leetsdale, PA

Having Laserfiche has allowed us to share documents between departments, and it’s made research a breeze. Before, we had to go through actual boxes to find records, now we just scan and search files with the computer. It was easy to learn and the training provided by General Code was excellent.

Elizabeth Neville, Town Clerk
Southold, NY

The Laserfiche system was easy to implement…and our staff quickly learned the program.

John Mueller, Project Manager
Dane County, WI

Where I used to spend at least an hour per topic when researching historical Council Minutes in filing cabinets, I now spend a few minutes per topic at my keyboard finding the same information using my Laserfiche Document Imaging software.

Louise Firestone, Secretary/Treasurer
Wind Gap, PA

Because of the simple straightforward folder structure, I can now find documents so much easier and faster than prior to having Laserfiche. Best of all, however, is the search function. It finds all documents with specified words or phrases within the entire document database within seconds. More advanced searches help me find documents within specific folders or specific dates or by several other methods. It is wonderful.

Gregory Hart, Borough Administrator
Franklin Lakes, NJ

General Code has always done a great job for the Town of Skaneateles.  Sometimes we just take it for granted that you will figure out a complicated request. But it is the people that work for your company that make it so great to deal with and we appreciate everyone’s help and support.

Janet L. Aaron, Town Clerk
Town of Skaneateles, NY

Laserfiche is the foundation of our district disaster recover plan…Laserfiche hasn’t just saved us time and money, but it has also enabled us to be up and running at an offsite location within a matter of hours after disaster.

Karen Briner-Peterson, Director of HR
Jamestown NY Public Schools

I enjoy working with Sandy Brennan (General Code Project Manager) and I am having a ball making Laserfiche work in the city.  If anyone is lucky, we are, to have someone as knowledgeable and patient as Sandy to work with.  Sandy and her team (Brian and others) have put up with and solved just about all the problems we have thrown at them with no complaints and lots of smiles.  They are great to work with.

Ruth McGrath, IT
City of Northampton, MA

I would like to gratefully acknowledge your help in advancing our Town’s project to make electronic record keeping a reality.  We greatly appreciate your individual expertise and especially your communications with one another in ways that increase the value of your services.  From sales to purchase to installation, scanning, and implementation; we keep hoping each new experience will be as good as the one before . . . and to date (and your credit) we have not been disappointed…Many thanks for your valued help and support to date

Bruce Thompson, Building Inspector
Town of North Salem, NY

Our Laserfiche is just terrific! Brian Hoody continues to be a tremendous support on the few occasions we have needed him and a wonderful advisor as we look into future needs.

Laura Gardner, Financial Coordinator
Western NY Asset Management

…many of our records were in our attic, rolled up and covered with dust. But now those records and documents have been…converted to Laserfiche images so they can be easily searched.

Catherine Flanagan Stover, Town & County Clerk
Town of Nantucket, MA