Laserfiche Software Assurance Plan

Many factors force change upon organizations for which Laserfiche® is a mission-critical application. An increasing volume of documents strains the sorting and indexing capacity of your current system. System additions, such as more powerful servers, more memory and faster scanners, introduce unforeseen problems. Evolving operating systems demand frequent updates. Even in relatively static environments, simple wear and tear can cause devastating data corruption and loss.

The ideal approach is to manage change, maximizing potential benefits while minimizing the risks. When you subscribe to the Laserfiche Software Assurance Plan (LSAP), your authorized Laserfiche reseller can help you reach that goal.

Highlights of the Laserfiche Software Assurance Plan include:

  • Obtain 100% upgrade credit for existing software
  • Hotline support through your authorized Laserfiche reseller solves problems promptly
  • Free software updates maintain maximum performance
  • Feature enhancements deliver increased productivity
  • Benefit from 24-hour FTP access to drivers & update files
  • Government agencies maintain eye-readability compliance
  • Maintain maximum uptime to support compliance initiatives
  • Stay current on the latest developments with monthly newsletters and tech updates
  • Preventive maintenance with optional on-site support from your authorized Laserfiche reseller