Municipal ECM Solutions


Over the last few years, the phrase “do more with less” has proven to be more relevant than ever. Local governments are challenged with providing high quality public service with smaller budgets and fewer employees. Great public service depends on having the information at your fingertips to immediately answer citizen inquires and requests. It also depends on redirecting resources away from repetitive manual tasks like finding, filing and indexing documents to tasks that provide value and increase revenue generation.

Laserfiche® and General Code’s other ECM solutions help local governments provide and process information for the public faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. By combing comprehensive document management functionality with powerful Business Process Management (BPM), security and auditing tools, Laserfiche provides a solid ECM infrastructure that enables your organization to generate and protect revenue streams, manage valuable resources and mitigate risk across multiple departments and information sources.

  • Improve Information Access

    By serving as the universal repository, Laserfiche grants users across the enterprise instant access to the information they need to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently. In addition, it reduces the resource utilization inherent with paper-based processes.

    • Gain a single point of control over all information assets throughout their life cycles
    • Quickly and easily access, add and update information to Laserfiche file folders, regardless of format
    • Enable multiple staff members to access and work with the same file simultaneously
    • Remove the need for time-consuming manual filing by automatically indexing and filing incoming paperwork
    • Protect confidential files with granular, role-based security
  • Integrate with Primary Applications

    With Laserfiche, sharing resources becomes transparent to end users. By serving as middleware that integrates with legacy systems and line-of-business applications such as GIS, CRM, ERP and more, Laserfiche allows users to access information in the manner and environment with which they are most comfortable.

  • Increase Public Access to Information with Dynamic Web Portals

    As the demand for government transparency grows, you need an efficient, cost-effective solution for making information available to citizens. Laserfiche offers an easy-to-navigate Web portal that makes documents available to the public—while still keeping your core Laserfiche repository secure.

    • Provide an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-use public Web portal that supports standard Web browsers and can be viewed from a variety of mobile devices
    • Encourage document discovery for Web searchers—documents in your WebLink portal can be located from Web search engines the same way as other pages on the Internet
    • Deliver improved access to public records while conserving time and resources


  • Automate Collaborative Business Processes

    Rather than duplicating efforts in different areas of the business, Laserfiche can be used to execute repeatable processes in a consistent manner across the enterprise, optimizing resource efficiency, cost and service performance.

    • Automate complex multi-departmental business processes including AP processing, case management, contract management and HR onboarding, among others.
    • Retrieve information from databases and third-party applications to automate filing, indexing and processing.
    • Trigger Workflow activities from third-party applications such as GIS, ERP and others.
    • Ensure adoption and minimize training with Laserfiche’s user-friendly, Windows-like interface.
  • Mitigate Risk with Records Management

    A well-vetted records management policy is crucial to minimizing the risk of non-compliance with industry rules and regulations. A key component of the Laserfiche ECM suite, Laserfiche Records Management Edition (RME) is a DoD 5015.2-certified solution that reduces the cost of compliance by supporting the automatic enforcement of consistent, enterprise-wide records policies.

    • Enforce consistent records policies, regardless of your records’ format, location or content, and without additional staff training.
    • Automate life cycle management for document creation to final disposition.
    • Implement transparent records management, whereby records managers create a file plan and manage retention schedules without interfering with any department’s line of business.
    • Log all system activity, providing an audit trail that can be used to prove adherence to your records management plan and compliance with regulations.
    • Ease e-discovery requests with enterprise search that enables users to instantly find the information required for litigation, decreasing costs and increasing efficiency.