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General Code has developed a library of business process workflows that can be quickly deployed in your organization in order to speed the delivery of workflow solutions.

Here is additional information about some of the process automations that we can provide:


Compliance ThumbnailCompliance Tracking

Increasing the efficiency and transparency of the Compliance Tracking process can save time across multiple departments and greatly improve the likelihood of full compliance with organizational, local and state regulations.





Contract ThumbnailContract Management

Managing complex contracts doesn’t need to involve complex administrative work. An automated, electronic contract management system reduces the burden on employees. We can streamline the entire life cycle of contracts from internal contract requests to final signatures and archiving.





Freedom ThumbnailFreedom of Information Requests

General Code has created a GCStreamline solution that automates several aspects of the Freedom of Information request fulfillment process. This provides tracking and accountability for each request. It frees up resources and makes it easier for you to ensure that you are compliant with Freedom of Information laws.





accounts-thumbnailAccounts Payable

By automating A/P processes, the benefits will be felt across your whole organization. Increase productivity with paperless approval and payment processing. Automatically route invoices to multiple employees for review, approval and check processing. You can save thousands of dollars on postage, paper and storage costs alone.






hr-thumbnailHuman Resources

Our GCStreamline for Human Resources solutions handle many of the administrative tasks that, though critical, slow down productivity when performed manually. Such tasks include filing documents, creating new folders and routing documents between employees. These solutions also eliminate the need for paper-specific tasks like making photocopies and gathering handwritten signatures.





ScreenShotGCStreamline for Contract Management






GCSCourts Thumb WideGCStreamline for Courts

Improve court operations by reducing costs, speeding response times and simplifying paper-intensive processes.