Laserfiche Forms

  • More
    than Just An
    Electronic Version of a Paper Form
    Capture, verify, approve and integrate data used in processes with critical enterprise content management systems

Seventy-percent of the data needed to run an organization is trapped on paper and paper equivalents such as word documents, PDF files and printable forms. It is not integrated or shared with the critical business systems that need it the most.

General Code’s eForm solution software quickly and affordably extends the reach of applications to all users so organizations have the information they need to operate efficiently and effectively. More than just an electronic version of a paper form, Laserfiche Forms quickly captures, verifies, approves and integrates data used in enterprise processes with business critical systems.

The results of automating manual data-driven processes enables businesses to achieve a complete ROI in months, not years, and it can make staff available for mission critical functions. Our automated eForms solution is designed to:

  • Shorten cycle times more than 50% by electronically capturing data associated with business transactions and integrating it immediately into core business systems
  • Improve service to customers, citizens, vendors, partners and employees by easily tracking, maintaining and responding to demands and requests
  • Maximize revenues through automated customer acquisition and more effective expansion with existing customers through cross-selling>
  • Improve decision-making with accurate, more complete data for business intelligence
  • Reduce costs and improved operational efficiency by eliminating manual, duplicative and in-accurate forms-based processes
  • Support “green” paperless-based initiatives
  • Deliver true data-driven business processing


General Code has partnered with Laserfiche to help organizations increase the efficiency and productivity of every employee within the organization. With the eForms solution from General Code, your organization will find it easier to meet eGovernment mandates, provide greater citizen satisfaction with faster response times and improve the overall forms process, resulting in cost reduction through the elimination of redundant data, printing, mailing and storage of traditional paper-based forms.

State and Local Government

At state and local levels, eGovernment is not only a goal — it’s a legislated requirement. A major part of all eGovernment initiatives now include eliminating paper while still providing transparency, resulting in a greater demand for automating paper processes. Many government organizations use the eForms solution, available from General Code, to replace manual data processing and to place their printed forms online to reduce operating costs and inefficiencies.

By capturing, processing and connecting information from forms more effectively and efficiently, government agencies can extend business processes throughout their organizations and accelerate the ROI on their technology investments. More than just an electronic version of a paper form, the eForms solution quickly captures, verifies, approves and integrates data with the business critical systems used to run your municipality.

Educational Organizations

Most schools today continue to use antiquated paper forms for data-driven business processes. With school districts deploying more than 50 unique paper forms, from enrollment and student services, to human resources, finance, and compliance – these traditional forms and related processes are labor intensive, slow, costly, and error prone.

The number of different school locations, combined with a wide range of users, can make the process of rolling out any new technology extremely complicated and labor-intensive. This is why choosing an electronic form technology solution that is easy-to-use and quickly integrates with critical business applications is important.

Financial Services

The financial services industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Financial service organizations of all types — from commercial banks to lenders, credit unions, insurance companies, community banks and investment firms — are experiencing the effects of an increasing number of regulatory mandates.

Business processes based on paper and manual routing are expensive and cannot deliver the speed and service that customers demand. This means that financial companies have much to gain from the implementation of electronic form-driven processes that reduce time spent on administrative tasks and have an immediate impact on the bottom line.

Since data security is critical for these organizations, eForms provides a secure method of distributing content. This prevents third party manipulation of data and a secure method of distributing data.