Human Resources

Why Automate Human Resources?

HR professionals are seeking ways to do more with less. Strategically investing in technology is one way to achieve this goal. Manual HR processes increase the chances for data errors, employee dissatisfaction and non-compliance. This takes away from the more strategic goals of talent recruitment and employee engagement. Our GCStreamline for Human Resources solutions handle many of the administrative tasks that, though critical, slow down productivity when performed manually. Such tasks include filing documents, creating new folders and routing documents between employees. These solutions also eliminate the need for paper-specific tasks like making photocopies and gathering handwritten signatures.

Automation can greatly reduce the time it takes for HR personnel to perform routine tasks. By sending instant reminder emails for benefits enrollment, automatically generating new folders for recently hired employees, or even notifying health and safety monitors when an employee moves to a new floor, automation technology allows HR professionals to contribute their time to more valuable duties.

  • Five indications that your need for HR automation has become critical:

    1.    HR processes are underperforming
    2.    Workforce has outgrown HR capabilities
    3.    Audits have become a nightmare
    4.    Operational costs have become unsustainable
    5.    HR staffing and/or budget has decreased

  • Five steps for automating Human Resources:

    1.    Establish ownership of the project
    2.    Secure buy-in
    3.    Gather requirements
    4.    Map the process – which is practically done with our GCStreamline solutions
    5.    Train staff



The Benefits of HR Automation

  • Gear

    Higher productivity due to faster processing times and information sharing

  • Capture_3

    Reduce storage, printing and courier costs associated with paper-based work environments

  • DataEntry

    Fewer data entry errors and lost or misplaced files associated with manual processes

  • Doc.Management_6

    Lower employee turnover rates due to high satisfaction with timeliness and accuracy

  • Security_11

    Reduced risk of non compliance


Our GCStreamline Solutions for Human Resources

General Code’s library of business process workflows for HR departments includes:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Open Enrollment
  • Job Transfers

These individual solutions can all be implemented, in order to bring the greatest benefit to your HR processes.