Geo Docs


DocuNav GeoDocs is an enterprise-class web services tool that seamlessly ties Esri ArcGIS Server v9-v10 and Laserfiche web services v7-v8 together. Web-based map users can locate critical documents and information stored in Laserfiche directly from the map in Esri, simplifying business processes. Users are not required to go back and forth between Esri and Laserfiche to locate or index documents empowering them to utilize their time efficiently. GeoDocs uses existing maps and layers as well as Laserfiche documents, so it’s simple to configure and deploy. In the public sector GeoDocs is a quintessential tool for engineering, planning and zoning, public safety and law enforcement departments as well as engineering, energy, and construction firms in the private sector.

When Esri map users zoom in, zoom out, or select map locations/objects, GeoDocs will automatically push, or display, a list of related Laserfiche documents, such as CAD drawings, blueprints, building permits, or financial documents, without users even having to search. The related documents are displayed in a window pane within the Esri screen, giving the user a side-by-side view.

Additionally, the total number of documents are included in the search results to assist in mass searches, and the search results are filtered/categorized by Laserfiche template data; for instance, engineers can view documents by project or subdivision. Users can also refine search results by easily collapsing categories (ex. collapse all categories and show as-builts only). The map reacts so that the list of document results instantly changes based on areas selected. Therefore, this easy-to-use application requires little to no training for public or untrained Esri users who may search for zoning ordinances, permits, and so forth.

Even better, users can ping an area radius for documents from the map view simply by placing a ping to the location on the map then selecting the desired radius distance. GeoDocs highlights the selected area and displays document icons for all results. The results will appear on the map in the location for which it is geo-referenced. Drag the mouse over the icon and the index values will be displayed.

GeoDocs unique functionality also allows users to easily attach Laserfiche documents from within the Esri map interface by simply right clicking map items. Once a document is attached to an item in Esri, the Laserfiche template fields can be automatically populated based on the data in Esri, eliminating the need for manually indexing. GeoDocs also allows for many-to-one relationships, so one document in Laserfiche can be attached to several Esri objects.

In today’s technology world, mobile access is not only a trend but a mandate. GeoDocs iPhone and iPad interfaces allow users working out in the field to take a photograph or upload a document right from their mobile device. GeoDocs can automatically geo-tag the location to the map and store the uploaded image inside Laserfiche.

Most importantly, GeoDocs utilizes Laserfiche’s robust functionality. Users can leverage Laserfiche’s built-in scanning, security, auditing, records retention, and workflow capabilities. GeoDocs is the link between Laserfiche and Esri.


    • Once Laserfiche Documents are Attached to Esri Map Items Laserfiche Template Fields can be Automatically Populated
    • List of Applicable Laserfiche Documents are Displayed without searching when Esri Map Users Zoom or Select Map Layers/Locations
    • Requires Little to No Training for Public or Untrained Esri Users
    • Side-by-Side View Allows Users to View Laserfiche Documents related to Addresses, Parcels, Objects, etc. in a Window Pane within the Esri screen
    • Search Results Categorized by Laserfiche Template Data
    • Filter results by Easily Collapsing Categories
    • Drop Down Feature Allows Users to Perform Specific Type Searches
    • Map and Search Results Automatically React Together
    • Easily Attach Laserfiche Documents from within the Esri Map Interface by Simply Right-Clicking Map Items
    • Uses Existing Infrastructure (Esri Maps and Layers as well as Laserfiche Documents)
    • Allows for Many-to-One Relationships
    • Web Service Developed Application, Out-of-the-Box Functionality, Plus Integrator Extensibility
    • Add images directly to the Map and Geo-tag the location
    • iPad Interface gives users capability to upload images while working in the field
    • Integrates with Latest Web-based Version of Esri ArcGIS (version 9-10)
    • Virtually No Maintenance: Updates/Edits to Maps do not Require Updates/Edits to GeoDocs
    • Leverages Laserfiche Scanning, Security, Auditing, Records Retention, Workflow, etc.
    • Multiple Layer Functionality