GCStreamline Solutions

That Will Benefit Your Organization The Most

General Code has developed a library of business process workflows that can be deployed in your organization in order to speed the delivery of workflow solutions. This provides a highly efficient way to leverage Laserfiche technology without the need for a programming staff to learn, develop and maintain business critical workflows within your Laserfiche solution.

Some of the process automations that we can provide through GCStreamline include:


Accounts Payable

When it comes to Accounts Payable, chasing down information and approvals can be costly. And every department has invoices and purchase orders that need to be submitted or processed. By automating A/P, the benefits will be felt across your whole organization. Increase productivity with paperless approval and payment processing. Automatically route invoices to multiple employees for review, approval and check processing. You can save thousands of dollars on postage, paper and storage costs alone.


Board of Elections

Traditionally, completed petitions physically move from location to location for compliance review. As an automated process, each page is scanned, then digital images route through an electronic processing workflow that supports bipartisan review. Mandatory steps are automated, such as automatically generate letters with relevant information (election race, designated candidate and contact person filled in). The system assures that submissions are acted upon and that certifications and non-compliance notifications are posted on time.


Case Prosecution

Processing Warrant requests is the first of many manual tasks a prosecutor has to manage to turn a request into a court appearance. This all involves tasks needed to communicate the request information through various case management systems, build a case file and then use all materials to prosecute the case in accordance with current law. With GCStreamline, built on the powerful Laserfiche platform, all of these manual tasks can be automated. Warrant request screening, case management integration, case file organization, direct communications with field officers, traceable electronic discovery and complete access to everything using mobile technology.

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Compliance Tracking

It’s likely that you need to track your employees’ professional certifications, licenses, training, acknowledgements, asset usage confirmations, or confidentiality statements. Increasing the efficiency and transparency of the Compliance Tracking process can save time across multiple departments and greatly improve the likelihood of full compliance with organizational, local and state regulations.


Contract Management

Easily route a legal agreement through all of the necessary people and departments for review and approval. Having this process as a workflow allows everyone to know the current status of the contract and ensure that it is routed through everyone in the proper order.



There is an increased demand for electronic access to court records, as well as e-filing in trial courts across the country. GCStreamline enhances compliance with court rules. It provides more effective and more efficient processes; better access to more accurate case information for the bench, the bar, the media, and the public; and greater job satisfaction for staff generated by a system that is easier to learn and operate.


Freedom of Information Requests

Whether you refer to these as FOIA requests, Open Records laws, or another name, automation can help you save time and reduce the cost of responding to these requests. We can automate several aspects of FOIL request fulfillment while providing tracking and accountability. This frees up resources and makes it easier for the City to remain compliant with the law.


Human Resources

Automate the processes involved in employee onboarding, open enrollment, job transfers and more. This will allow you to ensure crucial compliance with government and company policies regarding employee files.

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Transparent Records Management

Meet the needs of both records managers and general users. Easily manage multiple departments’ information requirements, different records series and retention schedules, and multiple software applications. Improve adherence to your records management plan.