County ECM Solutions


County governments provide essential services to communities. The nature of these services is diverse—from operating 911 centers, supplying drinking water, and building local economies through economic development. Counties like yours maintain roads and bridges, run hospitals and nursing homes, and manage airports. Functions essential to our democratic system—such as conducting elections, ensuring a fair and speedy judicial system, and providing transparency to citizens and journalists—are in the hands of our county governments.

Each of these activities is critical and complex, so everything must run smoothly all the time. Whether it involves administering contracts, following procurement processes, filing and retrieving vital records, or accepting payments for services rendered, counties must run like clockwork. When so many essential services depend on county government, county governments depend on Laserfiche and the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions of General Code.

Our Laserfiche solutions are best-in-class for records management. Your records will be properly and efficiently processed, stored, and filed for easy access in a central repository. But our solutions offer even more benefits for county operations. With Business Process Management, you’ll automate complex, multi-departmental processes across your county. You’ll be streamlined, speed up approvals, and save time and money. And with the integration capabilities of our ECM solutions, you’ll be able to connect all of your existing and essential software solutions into one cohesive system.

Today’s most forward-thinking counties are using General Code’s ECM solutions to transform complexity into simplicity. They realize what it takes to keep their county running smoothly. It takes Enterprise Content Management from General Code. It takes Laserfiche.

  • Scalable

    ECM Solutions That Can Expand With You

    Many county governments originated as divisions of their state government. They were small organizations and provided limited functions. Times have changed. Over the past century, counties evolved into autonomous bodies. They have continuously increased in size and the range of services that they provide. This trend is likely to continue.

    Because your county will continue to grow, you need an ECM solution that can grow with you. General Code’s solutions, including Laserfiche, are scalable solutions. Whether you add more users, expand your system to include more departments, or need to accommodate a new procedure, you’ll be able to adapt your system to the task. As new mandates, regulations, or legislation make processes more complicated, Laserfiche and our ECM solutions will keep things simple and keep your county running smoothly.

  • Configurable

    Every County Is Different, So Our ECM Solutions Are Configurable

    No two counties are exactly alike. In fact, counties can be drastically different from each other in many ways. From leadership structure—whether you have a County Manager, County Administrator, or County Executive—to geography and population size—from primarily urban, suburban, rural, or a mixture there of—counties face different challenges and issues.

    Each county has evolved its own organizational and fiscal structure that suites its needs. That’s why our Laserfiche and other ECM solutions are designed to be configurable. We adapt our solutions to the way your county already operates. You may have unique processes, but we can implement records management procedures and business process workflows that mimic that way you currently function. Your ECM solution will be tailored to serve your needs, allowing you to better serve your community.

  • Essential

    ECM is Necessary for Today’s County Governments

    Many county governments find themselves underfunded and understaffed. Meanwhile, state mandates continue to increase. Regardless, your county must continue to function and provide essential services directly to your residents. The ECM solutions of General Code, including Laserfiche, can be a tremendous help to counties as they need to find better ways to run their daily operations.

    By streamlining your operations, you’ll be able to accomplish more with the staff that you currently have. You’ll drastically reducing the time involved in walking files from one department to another, as well as the time it takes to track down paperwork. You’ll reduce the errors that are inherent to manual processes.

    You’ll Run Smarter® while being able to handle the complex and challenging nature of managing your county government.