Accounts Payable

Automate A/P Processes

When it comes to Accounts Payable, chasing down information and approvals can be costly. And every department has invoices and purchase orders that need to be submitted or processed. By automating A/P processes, the benefits will be felt across your whole organization. Increase productivity with paperless approval and payment processing. Automatically route invoices to multiple employees for review, approval and check processing. You can save thousands of dollars on postage, paper and storage costs alone.

Why is it important to automate A/P process?

  • Manual A/P processes increase the chances for mistakes, delinquency and non-compliance
  •  A single invoice can require up to 41 days for processing in a manual, paper-based environment*
  • The average cost of an organization to pay an invoice in a manual environment—in time and resources—is more than $10/invoice

*according to a study by The Aberdeen Group

From purchase orders and invoices to expense reports and receipts, Laserfiche allows authorized staff access to information, instantly. Whether you’re dealing with scanned documents, e-mails, spreadsheets or PDFs, they’re located in a central, secure repository that authorized staff can access, instantly and simultaneously.

The Benefits of A/P Automation

  • Scanner

    Automate document scanning, identification and classification with Laserfiche Quick Fields.

  • Gear

    Automatically route invoices to assigned A/P staff members, who receive notification via e-mail that invoices are available for review.

  • Doc.Management_6

    Review & Approval
    Review relevant invoices in Laserfiche. Using a drop-down menu, A/P employees approve or deny payment. Workflow then routes the invoices back to the appropriate staff, who cut the checks.

  • Search

    Track all activity within the Laserfiche repository for greater visibility into—and control over—the way A/P-related tasks are performed.

  • Capture_3

    Store invoices and related documentation in Laserfiche for easy retrieval. With integration, make A/P documents immediately available through other applications, without toggling back and forth.

  • Lock

    Automatically classify and file documents, including calculating and assigning cutoff and eligibility dates, with DoD 5015.2-certified transparent records management functionality.