Document Imaging & Scanning Services

Give Your Digital Records GC Search Optimization


You can find many companies to convert paper documents to an electronic format. But not many companies fully understand the records management needs of government and public organizations. General Code has served this market for over 50 years. Working with our vendor partners, we can do more than merely manage the scanning of your documents. We’ll implement GC Search Optimization. With this, you’ll receive your processed images in an indexed format. This allows your scanned documents to be easily uploaded into Laserfiche, giving you the maximum value from your digital records.

Now you can have a paperless solution that uses renowned Laserfiche® technology to provide an organized, easy-to-use system to search, retrieve, and archive your scanned documents. You’ll be able to quickly access the records you need and easily fulfill requests for information.

Bring Civility to your Paper Records

The records that are most important to individuals and businesses are not stored in the National Archives or the Library of Congress. They are located much closer to home – in such places as county office buildings, town halls, schools, and courthouses. Digitizing these files makes them accessible now and preserves them for the future.

When you digitize your records and archives, you safeguard the documents that matter most in the daily lives of people. These are the documents that mark significant events such as births and marriages. They chronicle business transactions and property ownership. They contain information about the education of our children and the social services our elders receive. Created by counties, local governments, school districts and other public organizations, these documents recount the story of the communities in which we live and work.

Implementing a paperless solution using cost-effective document imaging services will greatly enhance your organization’s records management. Requests for access to the physical archived files will decrease as more people access them electronically. Your community’s documents of historic significance can be viewed more frequently while being handled less, minimizing their exposure to harmful environmental conditions. And your archives can be preserved in this new format forever.

Laserfiche – Enabling Great Public Service

When General Code is involved in the scanning of your documents, they become Laserfiche Document Management-ready.

Laserfiche creates elegant document management solutions that help organizations run smarter. Their team of experts, dedicated to customer-driven innovations, has built a suite of software products and services that address organization-wide needs from records management to information technology and end-user perspectives. By improving your approach to public service, Laserfiche enables transparency and makes government and educational organizations more efficient, more effective and better able to create innovative solutions for a variety of needs. Setting the standard in records and content management, Laserfiche has been the choice of over 33,000 organizations worldwide since 1987.

If you already have Laserfiche in your organization, your documents can be brought into your existing system. This gives you the same control over the information infrastructure, document security and records access that you are already accustomed to with your Laserfiche software solution.