Smithtown Implements Property Data Management Software

Smithtown, NY – August 27, 2012 – The Town of Smithtown is divided into over 43,000 parcels. Each parcel has a variety of information that needs to be tracked, such as inspections, permits, complaints, planning and zoning issues, and more.

While Smithtown’s Building Department had a department-specific system for tracking information, it is in need of a municipality-wide system that can provide seamless information and data tracking integrated with the Engineering Department, Fire Marshal, and Planning & Zoning Department. They have selected Municity Building, Planning and Zoning from General Code that provides easy coordination and tracking of all critical parcel information through the approval process.

This new software will allow the Town to electronically manage and archive all of its applications, inspections, permits, and photos through the lifecycle of a project. With it, town employees and residents will be able to track an application that has been submitted through all required stages of inspection and re-inspection, up to issuance of a permit or certificate. By enabling real-time visibility, data sharing across internal departments, automating internal processes, the entire process will become more efficient.

“Smithtown will be able to manage code enforcement and development projects more effectively – delivering faster, easier access to important information,” says Town Supervisor Patrick Vecchio.

Municity will give employees in the office and inspectors in the field quick and easy retrieval of all records. Using mobile devices—smartphones, tablets, or laptops—inspectors will be able to access property data, view and schedule appointments, and enter inspection data. They can even print inspection results using a mobile printer.

The Planning & Zoning Department module uses project management functionality to track planning and zoning activities, including all tasks that must be completed, such as approvals, meetings, and fees associated with a process. They will be able to view information regarding site plans, subdivisions, and wetland permits.

After Municity is implemented, the residents of Smithtown will be able use the self-service portal on the town’s website any time, day or night, to request and pay for basic permits, submit documentation, schedule inspections, and track an application approval as it moves through the process.

Besides the data management benefits, Smithtown selected Municity because it integrates with the Town’s GIS mapping, their existing Laserfiche document management system, and widely-used software programs, such as Microsoft Office. It also integrates with Smithtown’s online town code, known as eCode360, which is another General Code product.

In selecting Municity, Smithtown followed the example of the most-advanced digital governments by steering away from open source and “home-grown” software options. For organizations like Smithtown that have invested both time and money in software, they want assurances that the software will be supported and continue to serve the residents’ needs.

“We selected Municity because of the full technical support we will receive and the software’s upgrade path. It will serve our needs now and, through upgrades, will serve our future needs,” stated Information Technology Director Kenneth Burke. Smithtown is the 16th municipality on Long Island to select Municity.

“We hope to have the system up and running in approximately six months,” says Councilman Edward Wehrheim.

About the Town of Smithtown

The Town of Smithtown is located on the north shore of Long Island in Suffolk County, NY. The town was settled in 1665 and is named after its founder, Richard Smith, who is said to have earned the land by riding its perimeter in one day on a bull. The town covers a total area of 111.4 square miles and has a population of over 117,000.

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