Records Management

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General Code’s Integrated Content Management and Workflow Solutions deliver core functionality that provides meaningful benefits to courts, such as more efficient data entry, more effective data retrieval by automating processes delivering enhanced bar and public access. Spurred in part by the demand for electronic access to court records, there is increased demand for e-filing in trial courts across the country, coupled with the focus of courts on building public trust and confidence in judicial institutions. And GCStreamline enhances compliance with court rules in multiple states.


The value of GCStreamline is reflected in more effective and more efficient processes; better access to more accurate case information for the bench, the bar, the media, and the public; and greater job satisfaction for staff generated by a system that is easier to learn and operate.

It is an error to think that maintenance of ineffective business processes in the courts has no cost – in fact, errors, ‘churning’ of case processing, and bureaucracy add thousands and thousands of dollars to the cost of court operations without yielding any better justice services for citizens. Moreover, such errors, churning, and bureaucracy contribute enormously to a lack of public trust and confidence in the courts – citizens are less concerned about whether court decisions are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ than they are about how difficult and costly it is to have cases decided in courts.

David C. Streelman
Business Process Enhancement in the Courts