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  • Since 1987, Laserfiche® has used its Run Smarter® philosophy to create simple and elegant enterprise content management solutions. More than 34,000 organizations worldwide—including federal, state and local government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies—use Laserfiche software to streamline documents, records and business process management.

    Laserfiche offers several core solution packages to address the business needs of small to large organizations, including Laserfiche Rio, an ECM solution that is straightforward to purchase, deploy, extend, and manage; and Laserfiche Avante, a powerful BPM solution with Workflow automation.

    The Laserfiche ECM system is designed to give IT managers central control over their information infrastructure, including standards, security and auditing, while still offering business units the flexibility to react quickly to changing conditions. The Laserfiche product suite is built on top of Microsoft technologies to simplify system administration, supports Microsoft SQL and Oracle platforms, and features a seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications and a two-way integration with SharePoint.
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  • Municity is an intuitive client/server parcel management program that integrates all aspect of your building, planning, zoning, engineer, fire inspectors, and many other departments. It allows users to quickly complete daily tasks that would normally take hours by breaking down information silos and creating workflow efficiencies.

    Since 1983 SCA has been serving municipal clients with high quality software and the industry’s leading service. SCA utilizes the latest programming techniques and tools to create software that is intuitive and easy to use while allowing for integration with a variety of third party products such as Microsoft Office, Apex, Laserfiche, and ESRI.

    SCA’s intuitive software solutions help municipalities across the country run more efficiently. With more than 30 years of assisting and listening to our municipal clients, we have gained a deep functional understanding of the inner workings of local governments. Combining our expertise in the public sector with cutting edge technology, we provide our clients with innovative and intuitive solutions to everyday problems at a cost they can afford.

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  • NovusAGENDA is electronic meeting-management software designed to help create, approve and track meeting items. This software automates the paper-intensive meeting process while facilitating communication between members. Paperless meetings become a breeze with NovusAGENDA.

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  • Cambridge Connections is a dedicated custom application integrator and Laserfiche Professional Development Partner that offers a variety of integrations. Their LFIntegrator applications integrate Laserfiche’s best-of-breed document management software with enterprise-critical third-party applications, including LFIntegrator for Dynamics GP (Great Plains), AutoCAD, Lotus Notes/Domino and others.

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  • CoSign by ARX is the strongest and most widely used digital signature solution. Millions of signers at security-minded businesses, governments and cloud services around the world are already using the proven CoSign digital signature solution to automate their signature-dependent processes. Beyond significant improvements in staff efficiency and paper-related cost savings, they are gaining numerous benefits that other digital and electronic signature providers simply cannot match, including complete freedom of choice, security and legal compliance.

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  • DocuNav GeoDocs is an enterprise-class tool that seamlessly ties Esri and Laserfiche together, allowing users to locate documents in Laserfiche directly from the map. Web-based map users can locate critical documents and information stored in Laserfiche directly from the map in Esri, simplifying business processes. Users are not required to go back and forth between Esri and Laserfiche to locate or index documents empowering them to utilize their time efficiently. GeoDocs uses existing maps and layers as well as Laserfiche documents, so it’s simple to configure and deploy. In the public sector GeoDocs is a quintessential tool for engineering, planning and zoning, public safety and law enforcement departments.

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  • IP Digital designs and installs document imaging technologies that reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), improve Collection Rates, allow your staff to accomplish more, make work easier and faster. Solutions from IP Digital improve your ability to store, find, use and distribute vital business documents and critical files.
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  • Boston Software Systems, through their Boston WorkStation® product, creates automation that saves time and money, increases productivity and ensures 100% accuracy.Boston WorkStation is a solution for improving operational efficiency and cross platform migration. It can be use to create customized business rules and workflows. It provides seamless real-time access to external applications while working within another application.
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  • Increase software user productivity by tearing down application silos and making software truly user-centric

    RatchetSoft is dedicated to creating desktop integration software that dramatically increases user productivity and reduces data entry errors. Their flagship product, the Ratchet-X Desktop Application Integration Platform allows users to add new features to existing applications without requiring changes to those applications or cooperation from software vendors.

    RatchetSoft’s products and services are used across many industries by organizations seeking to break down the traditional barriers that exist between systems. Removing these barriers results in truly user-centric systems that allow people to access all the data they need, when and where they need it.
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  • Affinity is a flexible integration tool that allows you to integrate Laserfiche to most third-party applications. Experience instant integration with GUI apps, web apps, Quickbooks® and more.

    Affinity brings the power of Laserfiche® document management to the applications you use most. Document searches can be reduced to a single click of a button. New documents can be added to your Laserfiche repository without manually entering template field values, file names, or folder locations. Affinity truly makes Laserfiche feel like part of your business software.

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