Laserfiche VAR News, November 17th, 2014

The Tenth Million Dollar VAR in 2014 is…

General Code of Rochester, NY, has reached one million dollars in sales for 2014. Vice President of Business Strategy & Development Dan Foster cites a growing demand for enterprise-wide process improvements and Laserfiche integrations as key to the firm’s success.

“We are working hard to communicate the benefits of business process management as well as the potential for cost savings through successful shared services programs,” says Foster. “We are seeing a significant growth in our installed base by concentrating on these areas.”

With a focus on government sales, General Code helps customers automate processes such as case management, FOIA requests and accounts payable. These types of enterprise-wide process improvements have resulted in several Laserfiche Rio upgrades this year as well as planned upgrades for 2015.

Laserfiche Forms and Laserfiche Workflow are very popular with General Code’s clients, and implementing these solutions has led the company to develop powerful Laserfiche in-tegrations with customers’ ERP, accounting and other in-house software systems.

With a number of sales prospects on the horizon, General Code has already set its sights beyond the million dollar mark. “We are excited about the growth potential in our work with Laserfiche, and we expect our success to continue at a much greater pace over the next two to three years,” says Foster.

Congratulations to General Code on an outstanding business achievement!

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