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Automate the Records Request Process & Compliance Tracking

Join us to learn how you can reduce public records processing time (and the associated staff hours) by automating the public records request process using Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and General Code’s unique GCStreamline Solution for Records Requests.

We will also discuss the advantages of automating Compliance Tracking. This is a pervasive issue for organizations, ranging from state ethics training, professional certifications, the acknowledgment of codes of conduct, asset usage confirmations, and confidentiality statements. While the responsibility for compliance enforcement may not be in the purview of your organization, management of the proofs of certification may be. Increasing the efficiency and transparency of the Compliance Tracking process can save time across multiple departments and greatly improve the likelihood of full compliance with organizational, local and state regulations.

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Why Upgrade?

If you are still on a classic version of Laserfiche, you are missing a lot. Improved functionality in newer versions offer many useful tools and benefits. For starters, you’ll get easier and more intuitive searches, with significant improvements to performance and behavior. There are also new annotation tools, greater field template options, and easy-to-reproduce standardized folder structures. You’ll also have greater Administrator control and personal settings that are stored on the Laserfiche Server, so they stay the same on different workstations. Find out more about this new functionality and more on this webinar.

-Upcoming webinars will be available shortly.



User Workshops

What You’ll Learn

You will learn about useful Tips & Tricks, as well as the new and exciting features that are now available in the latest version of Laserfiche:

Automating Business Processes – learn how Laserfiche workflow can speed approval processes, automate document filing and folder creation

Laserfiche Forms – see how forms field data can be reprocessed to template field use and more

Automate your records management process using Transparent Records Management

Who Should Attend

Regardless of your Laserfiche experience, you will benefit from attending this User Workshop.

For end users, we will discuss Laserfiche software functionality that will increase your efficiency and productivity.

For IT experts interested in the technical aspects of the software, we will discuss workflow development, business process automation, integration capability, and more.

Everyone will get a demonstration of Laserfiche’s newest offerings.


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Conferences & Trade Shows






MMA Mass Jan 2017 – Boston, MA

NYSACC Jan 2017 – Albany, NY

NYPWA Jan 2017 – Albany, NY





Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan – Traverse City, MI

NYCOM Winter Legislative Meeting 2017 – Albany, NY

NYS Building Officials Conference – Westchester, NY

ATSNY 2017 Training School & Annual Meeting – New York, NY



NYS Building Officials Conference – Westchester, NY

New York Government Finance Officers Association – Albany, NY



NJ GMIS – Somerset, NJ

NYS Building Officials Conference – Westchester March – White Plains, NY

5/16 New York State Local Government IT Directors Association – Saratoga Springs, NY