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Join us for a FREE webinar. You’ll learn about the various applications of our Content Management Solutions for specific roles within organizations

Track & Report on Shared Services Cost Savings

Does your county have a Shared Services program for Highway & Maintenance equipment? Do you need to provide documentation to New York State to prove Cost Savings? Take an in-depth look at how Oneida County has implemented a program that automatically tracks what is being shared and easily generates reports.

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Automate the Records Request Process

Join us to learn how you can reduce public records processing time (and the associated staff hours) by automating the public records request process using Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and General Code’s unique GCStreamline Solution for Records Requests.

Public records request legislation is an important and fundamental right for the public and promotes government transparency in towns, cities, and counties. However, for the staff that is responsible for complying with this legislation, there is often a cumbersome process to follow, but tight deadlines to meet. This makes it difficult for timely information delivery to the public and creates many wasted staff hours.

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Streamline the Management of Your County’s Indigent Legal Services

General Code has developed a solution that increases the efficiency of overburdened court systems by streamlining the Assigned Counsel process. Our solution simplifies the process of applying for indigent services, assigning attorneys, as well as the submission of bills for services rendered. It reduces the time and paperwork needed to review submitted bills at all levels (Judicial review, Assigned Counsel review and Audit & Control payments).

Our Assigned Counsel solution contains the following:

  • Application for Indigent Services
  • Automated assignment letters and notifications
  • Attorney voucher system
  • Tracking of Counsel at First Arraignment
  • Reporting based on case type, attorney, date, etc.
  • Ability to attach any supporting documentation electronically
  • Ability to archive and include records management principals
  • Apply electronic signatures
  • Built-in JCR
  • Records Management & Records Retention

Integration with the NYS Unified Court System database is in development and expected to be completed within the next few months.

-Upcoming webinars will be available shortly.

Why Upgrade?

If you are still on a classic version of Laserfiche, you are missing a lot. Improved functionality in newer versions offer many useful tools and benefits. For starters, you’ll get easier and more intuitive searches, with significant improvements to performance and behavior. There are also new annotation tools, greater field template options, and easy-to-reproduce standardized folder structures. You’ll also have greater Administrator control and personal settings that are stored on the Laserfiche Server, so they stay the same on different workstations. Find out more about this new functionality and more on this webinar.

-Upcoming webinars will be available shortly.


User Workshops

What You’ll Learn

You will learn about useful Tips & Tricks, as well as the new and exciting features that are now available in the latest version of Laserfiche:

Automating Business Processes – learn how Laserfiche workflow can speed approval processes, automate document filing and folder creation

Laserfiche Forms – see how forms field data can be reprocessed to template field use and more

Automate your records management process using Transparent Records Management

Who Should Attend

Regardless of your Laserfiche experience, you will benefit from attending this User Workshop.

For end users, we will discuss Laserfiche software functionality that will increase your efficiency and productivity.

For IT experts interested in the technical aspects of the software, we will discuss workflow development, business process automation, integration capability, and more.

Everyone will get a demonstration of Laserfiche’s newest offerings.

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